Imaginary Friend

   I was made on his fourth birthday. Since then we have been together every second. We played cowboys and indians, made a spaceship, and discovered a new planet. We got sick together, and broke the same leg (doing the same thing together). We were inseparable, until she came along.
   She was the neighbors kid. When they moved in her imaginary friend was almost gone to her. I knew she was trouble. As time went on he never took me with him when he left the house. At fourteen he needed me; an old friend who understood him.
   I didn’t understand what was happening until Cindy (her imaginary friend) came to talk to me. Cindy explained this strange girl to me. She never even noticed Cindy anymore. To her Cindy was completely gone. Well this definitely didn’t bode well for me.
   After Cindy’s visit I began to notice it. He wasn’t taking me with him anymore, not even when he got his own car. Her would go with her more often now. He would stay out late and come back early in the morning. He was ignoring me more and more, pretending he didn’t see me or hear me.
   One day while sitting all alone in his room I looked around. What had happened? It had changed so much. It was filled with so many memories of his childhood. Pictures hung on the walls and were scattered on the desk. I got up to look at the ones on the desk but was distracted by the mirror.
   The shock that went through me quickly turned to sadness. The mirror showed what he saw.  My reflection was far from whole. My shadow was all but gone, an the sun’s rays rendered me practically gone. Cindy was right!
   He did forget me.
   As weeks continued to go by I could only watch. Boxes were packed as my best friend left his house, his family, and me. I watched as he left the driveway for the last time, with her to start their own family. I couldn’t help but be happy for him, but sadness came with that happiness. He would never see me again, but I would always be there for him.


Please stop putting things in my microwave

To whoever it may concern!
Please stop putting things in my microwave. It was funny when u put the picture of my brothers little hampster in there. It was a little annoying when you left the plate of spaghetti. That mess must have been in there for a good couple of days. I got a little mad when you let the plant in there (plants where food goes is discussing by the way!). But this time you have gone to far! The gecko is never, ever to be touched again. Am I understood? I almost microwaved my own animal. Do you know how cruel you are? Stop before I find a baby in there.
Sincerely the guy you pissed off.
P.S. If I find a baby in the microwave I’m calling the police cause I know who you are.

Note: this never actually happened. I’m testing my story evolution skills. Constructive criticism appreciated.